About Us

Why Choose Nitro Web Host?

  • Makes use of award winning cloud infrastructure
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee SLA
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Unlimited SSD & Bandwidth
100% Cloud hosting
We leverage the power of public clouds of Digital Ocean, Google Cloud and AWS to provide scale and reliability at affordable prices, with no capital overhead.
Best Price Promise
We offer the best hosting we can, at a price that is significantly cheaper than any competition. Why? Because it's 2021 and great hosting shouldn't be expensive.

Nitro Web Host - Introduction

Our experience throughout the years in the web hosting environment fueled by our own frustration of not being able to find a suitable hosting environment gave birth to Nitro Web Host.

We are set in a way to scale from day one with our efficient working practice. Our experience has taught us that a company should be customer facing. To accomplish this, we've added automation system to handle even the complicated of works which other providers still do it by hands. Denial of service attacks, malware tracking and patching, deployment of new servers are some of the activities which our automation process and advanced software is all able to handle. With those things taken care of, we can spend more time with you all.

Nitro Web Host isn't just another addition to a long list of web hosting provider. We knew that spending a huge chunk of amount on setting up the data center wasn't an answer to the current problem. Doing so would only add another provider in the already long list of web hosting providers which wasn't/isn't our objective. We adopt a completely server-less configuration and make use of public clouds fueled by Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, AWS, and Alibaba. These providers have already spend billions of dollar in building their architecture. Making use of the services they've already put out, we can rather focus on providing the best shared, reseller, and dedicated web hosting platform possible to you.

We often see companies compromise on customer service in order to purchase another rack of servers. But with Nitro Web Host, that would never be a case. Our aim will always remain to focus on reliable servers, easy to use systems and a top-class customer service – all of which makes web hosting really great. We promise to never make use of complicated words/jargons to explain simple things. We promise that we won't sell you unnecessary add-ons. We would never leave you strangled when you need assistance with any of your plans with us. Were here to be a better hosting company and we will always stand true to our words.

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